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    Wall panel control for DMM8008

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Wall panel control module for the DMM 8008 Matrix System

Connection type: RS-485

The WP8008 module (WP) has 3 operating modes: 1. SYSTEM SETUP 2. MASTER MODE 3. ZONE MODE

- "Set" key used to access the various menu and to confirm
– "Esc" button is used to exit from the menu below
– "EncButton" button associated with the relative encoder used to enter and exit the standby mode if the key is pressed for about 5-6 sec. Or with the single pressure allows the setting of the step when the system is on the menu for changing the values of Gain and Volume (Gain =-127dB to + 12dB; Volume =-127dB to + 18dB)
– Relative Encoder: used to move between the various menu and change the value of the parameters.
– LCD display 2 x 20 alphanumeric
– Power ON Led: when lit indicates that the system is powered
– Eth Led: when lit indicates that the WP is communicating with the DMM8008

Code: 38929